TPMA Scholarship Program

TPMA has established a scholarship fund for the benefit of its members. The object of the scholarship award is to assist members in defraying the cost of higher education (pursuit of associates, bachelor, master’s degree or other continuing education activities). Membership must be current to receive the award.

At least one member shall be eligible to receive the award on a yearly non renewal basis. The award shall be announced and presented at the annual meeting. The recipient(s) is responsible for the costs associated with attending the annual meeting. Conference attendance is not a condition of the award.

Scholarship Committee
The President shall appoint a board member to serve as the Scholarship committee chair. One representative from each region shall serve on the committee. The maximum committee size is four. The Executive Director serves in an adjunct capacity. Applications shall be made to the appointed scholarship committee.

The Scholarship committee shall select at least one recipient per year. Applications are due by March 31st. The selection(s) shall be made by the Annual Conference date. The award will be paid in August to the recipient's selected academic institution. The Executive Director and committee chair shall notify the scholarship recipient by mail. The President shall present the award during the annual conference luncheon.

Applications shall be received no later than March 31st of the conference year. The Executive Director shall assist the committee chair in the collection and duplication of the scholarship applications. The Scholarship committee shall meet and select recipients by the Annual Conference each conference year.

Notice shall be sent to each member and placed on the TPMA website.

At least one non renewable scholarship awarded per year in the amount of three hundred ($300.00) dollars. Any current member may apply including past and current TPMA scholarship recipients.

Member must be pursuing an associate, bachelor or master's degree in business administration, public administration, human resources or a related area or attending a continuing education activities associated with Human Resources. Recipients may reapply for consideration and compete with other members.

2015 Scholarship Application

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